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Motorcycle Towing Brooklyn

For most motorcycle owners their machine is something special and they do everything to see that it is taken care of. However, it is impossible to foresee every problem that may arise and there may be a time when your motorcycle meets the road literally, or simply quits running. When this happens, you want to get your bike off the road safely and to a repair shop where the problem can be diagnosed and repairs made. While having a friend tow your motorcycle or towing it yourself is always an option, towing that motorcycle you care about is best left to professional towers, who are experienced in towing these smaller vehicles.

Why Hiring A Professional Towing Service to Tow Your Motorcycle Makes Sense

All to often well meaning friends offer to “save” you money by towing your motorcycle or helping you tow your motorcycle only to cause further damage to your bike by improperly loading it into the back of a pick up or onto a trailer without the proper knowledge of how to load, unload or secure it. Costing you more money in the end, then they save you.

Professional tow truck operators have experience towing motorcycles have the knowledge, the skills, and the right equipment to tow your motorcycle without causing it any further damage than it may have all ready suffered. Towing companies have specially equipped trucks that have cradles, ramps and flatbeds that enables them to tow your motorcycle without damaging your bikes undercarriage.

When you give us a call we will be on our way to your location within minutes to load and tow your motorcycle to the repair shop of your choice safely and securely.

In addition, professional tow truck operators have the knowledge and training to safely load, buckle, transport and unload your bike without causing any additional scratches or more serious damage. And they will transport your bike to the nearest motorcycle repair shop or the repair shop of your choice so it can get it repaired and back on the road as soon as possible.

Having your motorcycle towed by a professional is like paying a little extra for peace of mind. In addition, if your have the right kind of motorcycle insurance the towing charge may be covered by your insurance policy saving you that out of the pocket expense.

Here at Anthony’s Towing we have been towing all types of vehicles including motorcycles since 1976 and have a long list of satisfied customers to our credit.

We Also Provide Roadside Assistance for Bikes

In addition to towing your disables motorcycle we also perform a number of roadside services for motorcycles and their riders including charging or replacing dead batteries, changing flat tires, replacing lost keys, bringing fuel when you run out of gas, and getting your bike unstuck should you go off the road within 100 feet of the road.

If you are in need of having your motorcycle towed (we also provide long distance towing) then give us a call at 718-372-9456.

If you are in need of having your motorcycle towed (we also provide long distance towing) then give us a call at 718-372-9456.

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