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We here at Anthony’s Towing have been in the business of providing the best auto towing services in Brooklyn, New York and the surrounding area with high quality and reliable emergency towing and roadside assistance services since 1976. We provide towing services for any type of vehicle including luxury cars, pick-ups, motorcycles. Anthony’s Towing Company in Brooklyn have both hoist trucks as well as flatbed trucks in order to ensure that we can tow your vehicle safe and securely. We provide both roadside assistance and residential towing services to people in the Brooklyn area.

Our Services

We are offering the best and most reliable 24/7 Emergency Towing Services in whole Brooklyn and nearby areas. Whatever service you need, we are more than happy to supply at reasonable and competitive rates.

Long Distance Towing

There are times when you are visiting the Brooklyn area and your car breaks down or you purchase a car while in the area and need to have it towed to your permanent location.

Blocked Driveway

Have you ever seen someone irresponsibly block a driveway? It’s irrefutably wrong. A crime against the fabric of society. Yet it happens every day. It’s a brief meditation

Emergency Towing

Not every accident or car breakdown occurs during normal working hours, which is why we here at Anthony’s towing, we offer emergency towing service for the people who find

Roadside Assistance

We not only provide towing services, we also provide roadside assistance including: Changing a flat tire or tire repair, providing gas when you run out, changing your car

Auto Repair and Maintenance

We are not just a towing company, we can also provide you with automobile and maintenance services including oil changes. So we can not only tow your automobile we can repair it for you in most cases.

We are a small towing company, that provides first class personal services to each and everyone of our customers. Unlike large conglomerates we care about you and are dedicated to providing you with the very best possible services at reasonable prices. If you need roadside assistance or emergency towing services give us a call at 718-372-9456 and we will be on our way to provide you with the services you need.

Emergency Towing Service in Brooklyn

At one time or another any one who drives experiences an accident or break down that incapacitates their vehicle and leaves them stranded beside the road and in need of having their vehicle towed or at least needing some roadside service. Here at Anthony’s towing in Brooklyn, New York we provide 24 hours fast and reliable auto emergency towing service and that at most affordable rates.

We have both hoist and flatbed vehicles to meet any of your emergency towing needs both local and long distance. When you give us a call we will be within our way within minutes to answer your call and to tow to your vehicle to the location of your choice. We tow all type of automobiles including both small and large cars, luxury vehicles, and even pick-up trucks.

Flat Tire Change Service in Brooklyn

If you have done much driving in Brooklyn or the Brooklyn area then you know how congested the traffic can be and how frustrating it can be to get a flat tire and have to change it in midst of heavy traffic. In addition, changing a flat tire can be dirty work, and not something most people want to do when dressed for a day of work. Here at Anthony’s Towing we provide tire changing services for your flat tire.

Our experienced Tow Truck driver has the experience and knowledge to change your flat tire on your vehicle right at the roadside and get you back on the road in the shortest amount of time possible so you can get yourself and your vehicle out of harms way and you get to your destination.

Roadside Assistance in Brooklyn

If you are frequent driver, especially of an older car then purchasing roadside assistance insurance can save you a great deal of money should you have problems while away from your home. Here at Anthony’s Towing we offer all kinds of roadside assistance both for drivers who carry roadside assistance insurance and those that don’t. We are Johnny on the Spot whenever, you find yourself stranded along the road, in a parking lot or even in your own driveway.

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