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Car Battery Replacement Brooklyn

There is nothing worse than running late for work, or for picking up your child from piano practice and discovering you have a dead battery. You may have even known that your battery had seen better days and was going to give up the ghost sooner or later, but found yourself hoping you could get a few more months out of that battery. Now you realize that you need a battery right now, but have no way to get one because…well you have a dead battery. Luckily if you live in the Brooklyn area you can call Anthony’s Towing and get a car battery replacement brought to you and fitted into your car.

Car battery replacements are usually covered under your roadside assistance insurance so you likely won’t even have any out of pocket expenses when getting your battery replaced.

In some cases, you may not need your battery replaced at all, but can get it recharged by having the tow driver give you a jump start. If your battery dies while you are away from home here are some simple ways to tell if you need a jumpstart or a battery replacement.

How To Tell If Your Battery Just Needs a Jumpstart

  •   Your battery is less than two years old and you haven’t been experiencing trouble with the battery working.
  •   Your lights or radio on/off switch is in the on position (as this can drain juice from battery and indicates that the battery just needs a good jump to get it working again.)
  •   You hear a “Clicking” sound when you attempt to start the car.

You Need Your Battery
Replaced If

  •   Your battery is more than two years old, especially if you have been needing jumpstarts periodically over the last few weeks or months.
  •   The lights and radio are in the “off” position and there is no other possibility of anything being on that could drain your car’s battery such as the overhead light.
  •   You don’t hear a “Clicking” sound when you try to start your car.

Of course there are some situations where a brand new battery can die and no amount of charging will bring it back to life. In such cases, your battery may be under warranty and you can have the battery itself replaced free of charge, but will still need to have your roadside insurance pay for the labor of involved in bringing you and new battery and physically replacing it. However, keep in mind that new batteries seldom need to be replaced, so keep track of how old your battery is when determining whether you just need a jumpstart or a battery replacement when call for roadside assistance of Anthony’s Towing.

If you are not sure, which you will need tell them during your call so that they can bring a battery just in case a replacement is necessary.

To get a car battery replacement or other roadside assistance just give us a call at 718-372-9456 and we will be on our way to your location within minutes of your call.

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