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There is nothing worse than running late for work, or leaving work after a long day and getting in your car, turning the key and hearing nothing but a dull rumble as the motor tries to turn over or a low click indicating that your battery has been drained.

There are a number of things that can cause your battery to become drained such as forgetting and leaving the car headlights and interior lights or radio on, leaving the car trunk or car door slightly open when you are tired.

Regardless of the cause of that dead battery you need a jumpstart to get your car up and running again. If you live in Brooklyn or the surrounding area, Anthony’s Towing Service can provide you with the assistance you need to jumpstart your vehicle and get you on your way again with as little frustration as possible.

How to Tell If Your Battery Needs A Jumpstart

While most people can easily recognize a dead battery some people have difficulty knowing if their battery just needs to be recharged or whether they need to have their battery replaced. Here are some some things may help you determine if your battery just needs a jump.

  •   Your battery is less than 2 years old. Most batteries last for 4 or 5 years, so any battery less than 2 year olds should not need to be replaced unless something drastic is wrong.
  •   Check to see if you left the car lights on or the radio on, or if you accidentally left the door or trunk open. If everything is off you may have what is called a parasitic drain.
  •   Check and see if you hear a click when you try to start your car, this is a good indication that your battery just needs to be charged.
  •   If you car suddenly loses power after going over a bump on the road, you need to see if you have a loose battery connection that may be keeping your car from charging as it should.

If any of the above stated things are true then chances are that your battery probably justs needs a jumpstart.

If you are still unsure if your battery just needs a jumpstart or needs replacing tell the operator at Anthony’s towing and they will bring a spare battery with them just case your battery needs to be replaced.

Parasitic Drains

Sometimes the drain on your battery is not due to human error. There are a variety of things in your car that may use battery power even when your car is turned off, most of the time, these various items such as the clock, don’t use enough power to affect your battery’s starting power, but occasionally something goes wrong and these items drain more power than they should. This is called a parasitic drain, and while we can get your car vehicle jumpstarted and running, you will need to have your car checked by professional to find the cause of this parasitic draining and have it fixed so you won’t be left stranded again.

In the meantime, to get your car jumpstarted just give us call at 1-718-372-9456 and we will be happy to assist you getting your car up and running and on the road again.

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